Door Access Control Egress Assemblies


This article describes the Max Video Security ideas and components of Door access control egress assemblies. The key components are the locking device (an electromagnetic lock) mounted on the door frame, the entry device (a numeric keypad mounted on an exterior wall), and the egress device (a push-to-exit button). The controller, battery backup, and circuit are important for ensuring a secure door system.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks for business security systems allow business owners to manage access to their buildings, and many types of electronic locks offer advanced features. Some models feature touch-screen keypads and have a number of different modes and settings. They can even be connected to a local database system. Many of these systems can even have classroom lockdown functions.

Some of these smart locks are connected to the Internet or mobile technology. The technology is advanced enough to allow managers to grant remote access to staff. Smart locks can also be integrated into your existing security system. For example, smart locks can be used in a hotel to grant access to guests and employees. Most smart lock devices attach to existing door locks.

Another type of electronic door lock is the magnetic door lock. This type of door lock uses an active magnet on the door leaf to keep it closed when a power source is applied. This type of electronic door lock is commonly used in apartments, private properties, gates, and garages. These locks are designed to keep valuables safe and secure. Choosing the right electronic lock for your business security system is critical, as there are many different types on the market. Pay attention to the capabilities and technical requirements of each type before making a purchase.


Keypads are a versatile and effective tool for door access control. In the modern world, keypads can be used for many purposes, including office buildings, retail stores, and more. These devices are usually cloud-based, so administrators can access and update the data from anywhere. Keypads that are not cloud-based, on the other hand, require onsite management using software.

Keypads can control the access to entrance doors in many different ways, allowing only authorized employees and registered tenants access. However, many tenants also want to allow guests and visitors to enter and exit the premises. In such cases, a virtual key system can be used. A virtual key is a unique code sent to visitors in advance. The visitors then enter this code to gain access.

In addition to providing door access control, keypads can also be used for programming the security system. For instance, keypads can be programmed to set a delay before the alarm goes off. This delay can prevent false alarms. Other options include away and stay modes. The away mode arms the entire system, while the stay mode only arms certain pieces when the homeowner is home. Window sensors and door sensors will still go off during stay mode, though.

Intercom management systems

Business security systems require effective intercom management. The goal is to simplify the processes for administrators who are in charge of monitoring and ensuring the security of their buildings and employees. A good intercom management system can help administrators manage the system from anywhere and have the scalability to accommodate an ever-growing number of users. Using a cloud-based security platform is a great way to accomplish this goal, as it gives administrators easy access to all relevant information, which is critical for ensuring business security.

Intercom management systems for business security systems can also be integrated with other systems to ensure that they are compatible with the building's security system. Typically, intercom systems are compatible with third-party applications, such as video surveillance providers. For example, an intercom system integrated with GMS Access Control can allow the system to trigger specific actions, such as turning on lights or displaying live video on the GMS Workstation.

Modern intercoms also provide an added level of security to a business by allowing it to control access to certain locations, such as the parking structure, a building, or a campus. With the ability to grant and restrict access to specific parts of the site, business intercom systems can reduce the risk of corporate espionage, theft, and vandalism. By limiting the number of people allowed into a building, a business intercom system can help ensure that no one is outside uninvited and that no one will get in without permission.

Video access control

Video and access control systems are increasingly becoming integrated, with most integrators integrating the two at least once. Integration is beneficial security system for business that need both security and video capabilities. It minimizes manual maintenance, avoids the need to invest in new IT infrastructure, and minimizes integration pain. But integration is not without its drawbacks.

The lack of interoperability in video access control and video surveillance systems often makes it more difficult to install or maintain. Moreover, end users generally value simplicity over complex configurations. Similarly, most video surveillance and access control installers do not have expertise in the intricacies of hanging door hardware and running cables.

The cost of access control systems is also complex, with hundreds of line items and often hidden costs. Moreover, many customers don't understand warranty coverage or the additional cost of expansion. This makes it important to find a company that can install a system that has the right features and prices.